Asbestos adverts from the past Asbestos adverts from the past Quilted asbestot mitts 57673759 John Mansville asbestos curtain 57673760 Asbestos cement pipes 57673761 The Twin Towers; New York 57673762 Asbestos ubarellas for firemen 58145607 Asbestos baking paper 58145841 United asbestos company fire proof paint Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral used in the building industry because of its strength, resistance to fire and effectiveness as an insulator. It was also used in newly popular textured paints, creating an interesting rippled effect on ceilings and walls. This leaflet highlights its use of fire proof-paint in lunatic asylums and workhouses. In the 1980s asbestos was linked to a variety of lung disorders and is no longer used in building or decorating materials. 58252506 Asbestocell 58140453 Kent Cigarrettes Crocidolite asbestos filters 58145897 Hills asbestos gas ovens This is the reverse of the leaflet. This is an advertisement for Hills asbestos gas fire. The new technologies of the 19th century dramatically changed peoples everyday lives. Until this period homes had been lit and warmed by coal fires, but coal fires needed to be tended, coal was bulky to store and created a considerable amount of dirt, by the end of the period gas fires like the one featured on this leaflet had been introduced. These gas fires were usually highly decorative and were surrounded with beautiful and intricate ironwork. 58252507 Laboratory boards 59202828 Hills asbestos gas laundry irons This is an advertisement for Hills Asbestos gas iron. There were 2 types of iron available during the 19th century; box irons, which used heated blocks of metal inserted into hollow iron shaped frames, and flat irons like the one featured on this leaflet. When using flat irons the entire instrument had to heated and there were many different means to do this; irons were laid on fires and stoves in the early part of the century but with technological developments there were soon gas and even electric irons available. 58252508 Container for asbestos 59202829 Asbestos shingles 59202830 Sad Irons Old style of iron placed on the top of a wood or coal stove and heated. The most common style of 'asBESTos' sad irons were manufactured by Dover Manufacturing Co. and consisted of a solid iron core with an asbestos-lined hood. The hood was also the handle that would clamp over the heated iron. 89126554 Home Hot Pads Modern comfort and convenience in the home would be inconceivable without this mineral curiosity. Iron holders, mats and pads are just a few of the items lined or made with asbestos. These household items proved to be indispensable in protecting from heat and fire. 89126555 Modelling Clay As a home made 'Asbestos Meal' in the children's craft book published in 1949 by the Children's Press Inc. of Chicago, Il. to a manufactured product called 'Fibro-Clay' by Milton-Bradley Company in 1967. 89126556 Kent Cigarettes 112421282