G.R.Averall 2017

June Hancock play 'Dust'

A Play to Commemorate the Life, Struggle for Justice and Death of June Hancock from Mesothelioma

JW Roberts Asbestos Factory operated in Armley for 84 years until it was closed in 1958.  Its parent company (T&N Plc) were found negligent and made to pay compensation to its ex-factory workers.  JW Roberts were also negligent to its local residents who witnessed asbestos dust spraying out of the factory and whose children played with the dust not knowing the harm it was causing them. 

Eventually a legal case was brought to court by June Hancock, represented by the law firm Irvin Mitchell.  June’s mother died from Mesothelioma in 1982 and June herself was diagnosed with it in 1994.  In the same year another 39 people died of Mesothelioma caused by JW Roberts’ Asbestos Factory.  The case against T&N was won in 1995 but the plc appealed.  They lost their appeal and the precedent was set for other residents to claim.    June died from her asbestos caused Mesothelioma in 1997.

Dust is a play based on June’s life and struggle and the transcripts of the court records in her. It was performed for the first time on 11th June – near to JW Roberts Factory in Armley.  Dust was written by Kenneth F Yates.
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